Do you ever look in your closet and feel like you have lots of clothes but nothing to wear? Laurie will solve that problem by bringing organization and clarity to your closet. Call or email today for a complimentary consultation. Gift Certificates Available

Interested in a Wardrobe Makeover package or have specific wardrobe needs you would like to focus on? Hourly services are available. Inquire for additional details.

Laurie also offers 3 levels of service so you can pick the one that best suits your needs:

Level I: Wardrobe Assessment, Closet Edit, and Shopping Strategy (1 session, approximately 3-4 hours)

To make the most out of your shopping experience, we begin with an assessment of the clothes you already have. Laurie listens to your wardrobe needs and helps you define your style. You and Laurie will work together to edit your wardrobe and figure out what is working, what should go, and what your wardrobe is missing. Laurie will create a shopping strategy for you—a customized list of what new clothes you need and in styles that flatter your body, fit your taste, and work for your budget.

Level 2: Wardrobe Assessment, Closet Edit, Coordinating Outfits, and Shopping Strategy (1-2 sessions, approximately 5-6 hours)

In addition to Level I services, Laurie will coordinate outfits with existing clothing, take photos, and will put your closet back together. Laurie can also switch out hangers using slim velvet hangers that will create more space in your closet and make your closet look more orderly.

Level 3: Wardrobe Assessment, Closet Edit, Coordinating Outfits, Shopping Strategy and Shopping (2-3 sessions, time varies per session)

In addition to Level 2, Laurie will provide personal shopping services based on a pre-determined shopping strategy that makes shopping time efficient, focused, and successful. Based on your pre-determined shopping strategy, Laurie will scour the stores selecting items and coordinating outfits for you in advance. From there, there are two shopping options: You can choose to shop with Laurie or  Laurie can shop for you.