Laurie Shops with You

If you would prefer to shop together, Laurie will meet you in a pre-selected store with a dressing room full of clothes set up for you. Together, you and Laurie will identify what looks great on you. You can decide whether or not to purchase what works. You’ll learn about what stores are out there, which are best for you, and why. Laurie will save you surprising amounts of time by helping you avoid bringing duds into the dressing room, by pulling the styles and sizes most likely to look great on you, and acting as your personal assistant in all stores.

Laurie Shops for You

If you’d like Laurie to shop for you, Laurie will pre-shop for the items needed to fill the wardrobe voids identified in your shopping strategy, purchase them, bring them to your home or office for you to try on, and return any pieces that you decide don’t work.