“Confession: I hate to shop. The idea of spending hours going from department store to shop to department store again is not my idea of a relaxing afternoon. That being said, I want to wear clothes that look good on me: ones which flatter my figure and communicate my personality. I also want to be able to walk into my closet and quickly find outfits rather than ending up with a pile of clothes on the floor, not happy with what I’ve chosen. 
Enter Laurie. She culled the outdated, age inappropriate, unflattering items from my closet, organized the remaining clothes and created a number of outfits. Then she created a “buy” list based on what I was missing and went out and found them. Perfect. I end up with interesting, beautifully constructed clothes to mix and match with my existing wardrobe. I really can’t say enough good things about her: she encouraged me to try items and combinations which I wouldn’t
have otherwise, translated my lifestyle and my aesthetic to my new clothing purchases, and organized my closet so I could easily find my new multiple outfits. Added bonus: she’s charming, non judgmental, and has great taste.”

Kirsten, Merchandiser 

“Laurie has been an inspiration! I’ve never had so many compliments. I was quite nervous about such a stylish person spending time in my sad closet of clothes. But She was brilliant. Laurie found new life in some old items – either by simple tailoring, or by pairing up with old or new clothing in ways that I hadn’t thought of before. She confirmed my view of other items – and made them go away – I am frumpy no more. Finally, Laurie found me incredible new clothes to fill the gaps in my newly purged wardrobe, all within my budget (some were even on sale). With One closet purge, and one fun, efficient shopping trip, there is a whole new me!”

Kath, Competitive Equestrian Rider

“Laurie, you are truly amazing. I am so happy with all my of new purchases and was able to wear them this past weekend in Carmel. I received lots of compliments and was signing your praises as I have come to dread shopping and putting outfits together and you made the entire process so streamlined, efficient and enjoyable. 
It would have taken me an eternity to replicate what we accomplished in an afternoon. A million thanks! As I clean out my closet, I will start putting together a list so we can do some fall shopping in the coming months. Thank You for all of your help –‐–‐ you are a natural!”

Laura, Stay-at-Home Mom

“Laurie is extremely lovely to work with. She is organized, consistent, thorough, reliable and a true expert in this field. As a working professional, she made excellent use of our limited time together- coming to my home with various pieces for me to choose from. Her eye is exceptional to find that unique piece, for the right price. Lastly, I love, love, love her jewelry! The earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces can make any outfit sparkle. She is a gem. “ 

Susan, Entrepreneur 

“Already knowing Laurie from XYZ and liking her style, I hired Laurie to come to my home for a closet assessment. We organized my current clothes and identified what key pieces I needed to add to my wardrobe. Next, we identified what pieces I could happily pass along. It felt so refreshing to take this first step. Then, knowing what I needed, I asked Laurie to look for a few of these key items. She pre-shopped for me, so that all I had to do was visit two stores that she advised and I found a selection of items for me to choose from. What a time-saving and a gift to have her expert opinion. I love the new, stylish additions to my wardrobe. “


“Upon first glance, I was not clear how a stylist like Laurie, could help me, as I didn’t feel like I had that much for her to work with. However, after a three-hour jammed session, I could not wipe the smile off my face for weeks! She transformed my closet and provided a “lightness” that I could not make happen on my own. She put together outfits using clothing that I owned and recommended key pieces for me to consider. I was so delighted with the short time that we spent together, that I had her return to help my husband with his closet. In one session she was able to help pack up five bags of some items that had been sitting in his closet for years! He also finally embraced a pair of darker denim jeans vs. his standard Levis, with her gentle words of advice. Give your loved one or friend that gift of “Laurie” She is a gift that keeps on giving. …”

Kim, VP of Marketing

“Laurie helped me immeasurably with wardrobe “editing” (a necessity!) and deciding on the key pieces I needed to complete my wardrobe. As a working mom, I need to be able to get dressed, stylishly, in a big hurry. Laurie helped me to plan a number of outfits that are easy to recreate and do not take a lot of time. She also shopped for me and found so many amazing pieces that I would not have considered for myself–they all look great. Her jewelry line is the icing on the cake–I literally wear one of her pieces once a day-they are a great investment. I recommend Laurie highly–she is an absolute pleasure to work with and delivers amazing results.”

Gretchen, Founder and CEO